How to Install Whatsapp on PC?


Whatsapp is the chat messenger used in several online platforms. Smartphones can easily get the whatsapp messengers but you have to require a sim to install it and register it with number. Each time the cell phone is necessary to do that and people are very keen to do that. Whatsapp can easily be store and starts and works pretty well. After installing whatsapp you can set a good status on it too. You can also download the whatsapp messages from here. There is huge collections is available to download the statuses which are perfect and pure. Whatsapp can be easily installed on your computer by just following some methods step by step.


These all steps must be adopted with good tips and people would love to chat with each other from their laptops. We cannot use our cell phones each time and we need a big display to chat and voice chat with our buddies for free. You will be shocked to hear that now you can use the whatsapp easily on different computers which is essential for everyone. People can be so fixed and limited to mobile phones but now almost most apps can easily be installed on your laptops without any SIM card and other factors.


How to do that?


•Are you feeling bored to see the small display whatsapp conversations and chat?? So now it is time to change the way you use the whatsapp with old traditional way.

•Bluestackss is the software which you can use to install mobile apps and whatsapp on your computer and used that easily

•Go to the bluestacks website and you must download .net framework and that software from website

•It will take much time to install it all you need to do is to wait for some time until it downloads

•When the downloading is complete now it is turn to move up and start the program called bluestacks

•When it is done keep searching the whatsapp on bluestacks window and get online

•Bluestacks is the mobile virtual machine that used as the executions for mobile apps

•Now when you find the whatsapp download the button and it will be download easily

•Now register the whatsapp with the phone number and you will get the message on your mobile number, put the code into the whatsapp and wait until it loads

•Now the moment has reached and you are done with that

•But it’s the lengthy task and works pretty well


It will be requiring sometime to download and needs the internet connection active every time to use it. You can use this chat site instead of using whatsapp chat on computers. This is the best way ever you get in internet and worth to do that. You will not feel bad when you do it and works well also without and hurdle to face. You do not need to switch and using the SIM and insert it into the mobile phone. Bluestacks can easily works like the mobile phone and you do not need to worry about using the app here it is so safe.